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15 Excellent Winter ESL Resources from around the Web

We have searched high and low, and these are our 15 favourite external site resources for teaching the Winter ESL theme. Enjoy!

ESL Winter Wonderland

1. 27 great winter ESL activities to keep your little snowflakes busy.

2. Vocabulary, vocabulary and more vocabulary for ESL wintertime fun!

3. Dozens of printable winter ESL worksheets for your little ones to do in front of a roaring fire.

4. Poetry, crafts, worksheets and short stories! There’s no end to the winter-themed activities here

5. Forget drafty! Feeling crafty? Dozens of great activities for your young ESL learners! 6. Beethoven and ESL? You bet. They team up for a neat winter song for your intermediate students.

7. Vegetable Soup. Do You Like It? The perfect food in the middle of winter and you can share the enjoyment with these activity ideas.

8. From Pearson Longman, a great lead off exercise to the describing the seasons.

9. Dozens of winter-themed songs to warm up your little ESL learners.

10. No better place to introduce your ESL learner’s to winter and the animals that live in the freezing climates of the world.

11. Fun online winter ESL game. Challenge your students English and their memories!

12. All kinds of winter-themed ESL flashcards for those frigid winter days

13. Dozens of great winter holiday activities!

14. All kinds of activities and worksheets for your ESL class!

15. Winter sports worksheets by the sled load