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Easter Self Survey

A. Give 10 reasons why you like Easter using “I like Easter because…”  

B. Now, ask these questions to others in your class, or find a practice partner. preschoolers

1. I like Easter because __________________________________.

2. I like Easter because __________________________________.

3. I like Easter because __________________________________.

4. I like Easter because __________________________________.

5. I like Easter because __________________________________.

6. I like Easter because __________________________________.

7. I like Easter because __________________________________.

8. I like Easter because __________________________________.

9. I like Easter because __________________________________.

10. I like Easter because _________________________________.


Easter Rhymes

Find rhyming words that match the clues


1. A season that rhymes with “ring”

______________________________ Wiesen-Schaumkraut / Cardamine pratensis


2. A word for rabbit that rhymes with “sunny”



3. A colorful candy that rhymes with “keen”



4. Something you give people that rhymes with “hard”



5. A little yellow bird that rhymes with “flick”



6. What chickens lay that rhymes with “pegs”



7. A flower that rhymes with “silly”



8. A food traditionally eaten at Easter that rhymes with “Sam”




Easter Poem

“The Chocolate Rabbit” Butterfly Queen of Spain Fritillary - spring landscape

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate word.

 Eat  Rabbit  Easter  Ate  Moment  Tail  Love  Chocolate  Nibbled

I got a __________ rabbit

For an __________ treat,

A great big chocolate rabbit

Good enough to __________.

So I __________ his ears on Sunday,

His nose I finished Monday.

Tuesday I __________ on his feet.

I ate his __________ on Wednesday

Thursday I kept on,

By Friday he was going,

Saturday he was gone.

Oh, I loved my chocolate __________

From the __________ that he came,

And if I get another one,

I’ll __________ him just the same.


Work with a partner to discover what the idiom means.

  1. To egg someone on
  2. To put all your eggs in one basket
  3. To walk on egg shells
  4. You cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs easter
  5. Like a rabbit caught in the headlights
  6. To be like a rabbit caught in the headlights
  7. To pull a rabbit out of the hat
  8. A goose egg
  9. To have egg on one’s face
  10. Pull a rabbit out of a hat

The Easter Egg Mystery gh

 Someone stole all the Easter Eggs…But who?


















Easter Egg Hunt

Hide little chocolate eggs around your classroom and teach the children the following five expressions:

1)    I wonder where it is? preschoolers

2)    I’ve found one!

3)    Is it over here?

4)    Here it is!

5)    Where’s the egg?


Easter Egg Emotions

Using real egg shells (before class get some eggs, puncture a hole at both ends and blow out the insides of the egg, then wash out). Use coloured felt pens to draw faces in the different emotions below:

  • Happiness Easter Kids
  • Surprise
  • Discovery
  • Kindness
  • Respect
  • Appreciation
  • Wonder
  • Love
  • Friendship
  • Hope

Go over the words with the class first and get them to guess individually and in groups which word goes with which egg.


How Many Words can You Make from “Happy Easter”?

1. _________________________________happy easter wondering

2. _________________________________

3. _________________________________

4. _________________________________

5. _________________________________

6. _________________________________

7. _________________________________

8. _________________________________

9. _________________________________

10. _________________________________

11. _________________________________

12. _________________________________

13. _________________________________

14. _________________________________

15. _________________________________

16. _________________________________

17. _________________________________

18. _________________________________

19. _________________________________

20. _________________________________



Advanced Easter Conversation Discussion Prompts

happy easterThese conversation prompts are perfect for an Easter themed discussion lesson. The questions are easily scaled to any level of speaker and they allow all to be involved, whether in small or large groups or presentation format. Happy Easter! 

 1) Do you celebrate Easter in your country?

2) How do you celebrate Easter in your country?

3) Do you have any special family traditions?

4) What do you do to celebrate it?

5) Do you consider it an important holiday? Why or why not?

6) Do you think it used to be more important than it is today? Why or why not?

7) What are the 40 days before Easter called?

What special activities or events happen in those 40 days?

Do you observe these 40 days?

8) What is the Sunday before Easter called?

What is it remembering?

9) What is the Friday before Easter called?

What is it remembering?

10) Do you think most people consider Easter time a religious celebration? Why or why not?

11) How do you think the Easter bunny and hiding colored eggs came to be part of the celebration of Easter?

12) Do you think it is wrong to associate religious holidays with other types of things, like Easter and the bunny? Christmas and Santa Claus?



Easter Crafts for ESL Class – Easter Activities

Easter Bunny Card

The Easter bunny is one of the major symbols of Easter along with Easter eggs and Easter chicks. Like Christmas’ Santa Clause, the Easter bunny brings Easter eggs and gifts to children on the eve of the Easter holiday. When Easter approaches, fun activities include participating in Easter egg hunts and making Easter crafts that feature either Easter eggs or the Easter bunny to give to someone special or as displays for the occasion.

For the Easter bunny, Easter is a time for giving Easter eggs and other presents. Kids will enjoy creating something fun and at the same time giving something worthwhile for the Easter holiday. Among the many Easter crafts available, the best and most expressive would be an Easter bunny card.

There are many ways to make an Easter bunny card. The card to be made here would be as fluffy as a real Easter bunny. The materials needed are:

Blank card stock or a rectangular piece of soft light-colored cardboard

Blue, red or black colored marker (make sure it is kid-safe, non-toxic)

Glue (make sure it is kid-safe, non-toxic)

Cotton balls

Pair of wiggly eyes

Some black yarn

Red cardboard


To make the Easter bunny card, first fold the card stock or cardboard in two to make a fold-out card. Then smear the front page with glue and spread the cotton balls on the page until it is fully covered with cotton. Cut out some long rabbit ear shapes with some spare cardboard. Stick the ‘ears’ a little beneath the first page. Cover the ears with some cotton as well. Stick the wiggly eyes on the front page. Cut a small red circle for the nose. Cut six two-inch pieces of black yarn for whiskers and stick them on either side of the nose. Cut out little hearts and egg shapes from the red cardboard and stick them with glue inside the card. Write a well-meaning Easter holiday message in English like ‘Happy Easter’.

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