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Easter Egg Hunt

Hide little chocolate eggs around your classroom and teach the children the following five expressions:

1)    I wonder where it is? preschoolers

2)    I’ve found one!

3)    Is it over here?

4)    Here it is!

5)    Where’s the egg?


Easter Egg Emotions

Using real egg shells (before class get some eggs, puncture a hole at both ends and blow out the insides of the egg, then wash out). Use coloured felt pens to draw faces in the different emotions below:

  • Happiness Easter Kids
  • Surprise
  • Discovery
  • Kindness
  • Respect
  • Appreciation
  • Wonder
  • Love
  • Friendship
  • Hope

Go over the words with the class first and get them to guess individually and in groups which word goes with which egg.


How Many Words can You Make from “Happy Easter”?

1. _________________________________happy easter wondering

2. _________________________________

3. _________________________________

4. _________________________________

5. _________________________________

6. _________________________________

7. _________________________________

8. _________________________________

9. _________________________________

10. _________________________________

11. _________________________________

12. _________________________________

13. _________________________________

14. _________________________________

15. _________________________________

16. _________________________________

17. _________________________________

18. _________________________________

19. _________________________________

20. _________________________________



Advanced Easter Conversation Discussion Prompts

happy easterThese conversation prompts are perfect for an Easter themed discussion lesson. The questions are easily scaled to any level of speaker and they allow all to be involved, whether in small or large groups or presentation format. Happy Easter! 

 1) Do you celebrate Easter in your country?

2) How do you celebrate Easter in your country?

3) Do you have any special family traditions?

4) What do you do to celebrate it?

5) Do you consider it an important holiday? Why or why not?

6) Do you think it used to be more important than it is today? Why or why not?

7) What are the 40 days before Easter called?

What special activities or events happen in those 40 days?

Do you observe these 40 days?

8) What is the Sunday before Easter called?

What is it remembering?

9) What is the Friday before Easter called?

What is it remembering?

10) Do you think most people consider Easter time a religious celebration? Why or why not?

11) How do you think the Easter bunny and hiding colored eggs came to be part of the celebration of Easter?

12) Do you think it is wrong to associate religious holidays with other types of things, like Easter and the bunny? Christmas and Santa Claus?



Valentine’s Word Find

How many words can you make out of Valentine’s Day?

1. ______________________________

2. ______________________________

3. ______________________________

4. ______________________________

5. ______________________________

6. ______________________________

7. ______________________________

8. ______________________________

9. ______________________________

10. _____________________________

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Valentine’s Conversation Starters

  • What is Valentine’s Day?
  • What is the origin of Valentine’s Day? (Why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day?)
  • Is Valentine’s Day celebrated in your country?
  • How is Valentine’s Day celebrated in the United States?
  • How do children celebrate Valentine’s Day in school?
  • What do you usually do for Valentine’s Day?
  • What do you plan on doing this Valentine’s Day?
  • Do you make any special food for Valentine’s Day?
  • On Valentine’s Day, is it more common for men to give gifts to women or for women to give gifts to men?
  • What are common gifts that people give on Valentine’s Day?
  • What is your favorite Valentine’s Day memory?
  • What is your Valentine’s dream? If you could do anything or receive anything on Valentine’s Day, what would it be?
  • Do you know anyone that has become engaged or married on Valentine’s Day?
  • Would you want to get engaged or married on a holiday? Why or why not?
  • What is a “valentine”?
  • Have you ever gotten a valentine or love letter on Valentine’s Day?
  • What is Valentine’s Day like for singles? (What do single people do on Valentine’s Day?)
  • Do you think Valentine’s Day makes single people feel lonely?
  • Do you think Valentine’s Day is too commercial or consumerist?
  • What are common gifts that people give?
  • Do you know anyone that has gotten engaged or married on Valentine’s Day?

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Romeo and Juliet

Read the poem with a friend and try to figure out what each bold word means based on the context.

My dear Juliet, your sight is everlasting as heaven above.

Your eyes gleam as bright as a lavishly blue jewel.

As my eyes set on yours they leap at the sight of love.

Your love makes me so crazy I’ve become love’s fool.


Your sincere love is winter’s breathe.

My love for you is stronger than anything else.

The sight of you made me more stiff than death.

Your voice chimes as beautifully as bells.


Our family’s feud is due to tear us apart.

Though I’ve been banished, my love still longs for you.

I wait again to catch your heart.

Oh, Juliet I wish we could start love of new.


Our love shall last forever till we die.

No one in the entire world loves you more than I.

Geoffrey Elliot

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I Like / I Don’t Like

Write “I like” or “I don’t like” in the blank space.

______________________ Valentine’s Day

______________________ the colour red

______________________ chocolates

______________________ going on a date

______________________ candlelight dinners

______________________ surprises

______________________ holding hands

______________________ heart-shaped balloons

______________________ going out to eat

______________________ romantic music

______________________ going to the movies

______________________ red roses

______________________ choosing a Valtentine’s Day card

______________________ talking on the telephone

______________________ going for romantic walks

______________________ stuffed animals

______________________ watching “romantic comedies”

______________________ love poems

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Valentines Word Scramble

Unscramble the letters to discover the words!

ucdip          ________________________________

eolv            ________________________________

erhat          ________________________________

locctohea     ________________________________

oramtnci      ________________________________

sreo            ________________________________

saospni         ________________________________

sweheertat    ________________________________

rehat           ________________________________

faftecion       ________________________________











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Saving Cupid

The news came over the radio.

“Emergency! Cupid is all out of arrows. Valentines Day will probably be cancelled!”

I knew we had to act fast as soon as I heard. I gathered my equipment and headed out the door.



















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