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The Easter Bunnies

Read the poem and act out the actions

The grass was green – The sky was blue

The birds did sing – Butterflies all flew.

The sun was sunny – The rain did not drop

Awake the Easter Bunnies – Named Hippity and Hop.

The Easter Bunnies? – Yes, it is true

You may think it is funny – There’s not just one, there are two!

Hippity was brown – With a big cotton tail

His bright blue eyes were round – And he lead the trail.

His legs were strong – So he could really go

And his ears were long – And moved to and fro.

Hop was so fluffy – His hair, solid white

His short ears were puffy – His pink nosed twitched left and right.

He would follow his brother – Down the trail they would go

Playing games with each other – Like jump high and jump low.

When Easter time would come – There would be no time to stop

Get ready for fun – Get ready Hippity and Hop!

Hippity would make – Great marshmallow treats

While Hop would bake – Candy eggs to eat.

And of course there was chocolate – Placed in the baskets, on top

“We’re getting ready still yet” – “Ready!” said Hippity and Hop.

Then on Easter Day – All the children so kind

Go searching away – For Easter treats to find.

And if you look really hard – The Easter Bunnies may stop

And wave to you from your yard – It’s Hippity and Hop!


Easter Bunny Card

The Easter bunny is one of the major symbols of Easter along with Easter eggs and Easter chicks. Like Christmas’ Santa Clause, the Easter bunny brings Easter eggs and gifts to children on the eve of the Easter holiday. When Easter approaches, fun activities include participating in Easter egg hunts and making Easter crafts that feature either Easter eggs or the Easter bunny to give to someone special or as displays for the occasion.

For the Easter bunny, Easter is a time for giving Easter eggs and other presents. Kids will enjoy creating something fun and at the same time giving something worthwhile for the Easter holiday. Among the many Easter crafts available, the best and most expressive would be an Easter bunny card.

There are many ways to make an Easter bunny card. The card to be made here would be as fluffy as a real Easter bunny. The materials needed are:

  • Blank card stock or a rectangular piece of soft light-colored cardboard
  • Blue, red or black colored marker (make sure it is kid-safe, non-toxic)
  • Glue (make sure it is kid-safe, non-toxic)
  • Cotton balls
  • Pair of wiggly eyes
  • Some black yarn
  • Red cardboard

To make the Easter bunny card, first fold the card stock or cardboard in two to make a fold-out card. Then smear the front page with glue and spread the cotton balls on the page until it is fully covered with cotton. Cut out some long rabbit ear shapes with some spare cardboard. Stick the ‘ears’ a little beneath the first page. Cover the ears with some cotton as well. Stick the wiggly eyes on the front page. Cut a small red circle for the nose. Cut six two-inch pieces of black yarn for whiskers and stick them on either side of the nose. Cut out little hearts and egg shapes from the red cardboard and stick them with glue inside the card. Write a well-meaning Easter holiday message in English like ‘Happy Easter’.


Spring Poem

Discuss the 10 words in green with your class.

“The Season of Spring” businesswoman and billboard

the season of spring

weather seems to sing

lovely lovely days

are coming our ways


the season of spring

blooming blossoming

of nature of all kind

let roots unbind


the season of spring

birds unfold their wings

diving high into sky

wish one could fly


the season of spring

careful hearts love sting

reaching out towards others

some persons might bother


the season of spring

nice sound bells ring

new wave new style

faces have on a smile


the season of spring

an new awakening

busy humanity on earth

as if it’s a new birth


listen listen to my words

the season of spring is near

now a look into your lovely eyes

and one can see spring is already here


Easter Self Survey

A. Give 10 reasons why you like Easter using “I like Easter because…”  

B. Now, ask these questions to others in your class, or find a practice partner. preschoolers

1. I like Easter because __________________________________.

2. I like Easter because __________________________________.

3. I like Easter because __________________________________.

4. I like Easter because __________________________________.

5. I like Easter because __________________________________.

6. I like Easter because __________________________________.

7. I like Easter because __________________________________.

8. I like Easter because __________________________________.

9. I like Easter because __________________________________.

10. I like Easter because _________________________________.


Easter Rhymes

Find rhyming words that match the clues


1. A season that rhymes with “ring”

______________________________ Wiesen-Schaumkraut / Cardamine pratensis


2. A word for rabbit that rhymes with “sunny”



3. A colorful candy that rhymes with “keen”



4. Something you give people that rhymes with “hard”



5. A little yellow bird that rhymes with “flick”



6. What chickens lay that rhymes with “pegs”



7. A flower that rhymes with “silly”



8. A food traditionally eaten at Easter that rhymes with “Sam”




Easter Egg Hunt

Hide little chocolate eggs around your classroom and teach the children the following five expressions:

1)    I wonder where it is? preschoolers

2)    I’ve found one!

3)    Is it over here?

4)    Here it is!

5)    Where’s the egg?


Easter Egg Emotions

Using real egg shells (before class get some eggs, puncture a hole at both ends and blow out the insides of the egg, then wash out). Use coloured felt pens to draw faces in the different emotions below:

  • Happiness Easter Kids
  • Surprise
  • Discovery
  • Kindness
  • Respect
  • Appreciation
  • Wonder
  • Love
  • Friendship
  • Hope

Go over the words with the class first and get them to guess individually and in groups which word goes with which egg.


How Many Words can You Make from “Happy Easter”?

1. _________________________________happy easter wondering

2. _________________________________

3. _________________________________

4. _________________________________

5. _________________________________

6. _________________________________

7. _________________________________

8. _________________________________

9. _________________________________

10. _________________________________

11. _________________________________

12. _________________________________

13. _________________________________

14. _________________________________

15. _________________________________

16. _________________________________

17. _________________________________

18. _________________________________

19. _________________________________

20. _________________________________



Winter Hokey Pokey

Use this activity to talk about clothing that’s worn during winter. Get your class to brainstorm all kinds of winter clothing ideas and then incorporate them into the song.

The Winter Pokey (to the tune of “The Hokey-Pokey”)

  • You put your right mitten in,
  • You take your right mitten out.
  • You put your right mitten in,
  • And you shake it all about.
  • You do the winter pokey, [shiver]
  • And you turn yourself around.
  • That’s what it’s all about!
  • You put your left mitten in….
  • You put your right boot….
  • You put your left boot….
  • You put your long scarf in….
  • You put your warm cap in….
  • You put your snowsuit in….



Winter Sports Word Scramble

Unscramble the word for the sport.

  • tbiaholn
  • esepd nsaitgk
  • kis ujminpg
  • eferesylt ksiing
  • wodnillh siikng
  • noabongwdirs

PDF File (includes matching)



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