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How Many Words?

Can you find 10 words hidden in “Winter Wonderland”?

1. ______________________________

2. ______________________________

3. ______________________________

4. ______________________________

5. ______________________________

6. ______________________________

7. ______________________________

8. ______________________________

9. ______________________________

10. _____________________________




Unscramble the following colours and then use the same colours to colour the picture.

1. ilevot    _________________________

2. elwoyl  _________________________

3. dre       _________________________

4. geern   _________________________

5. idniog  _________________________

6. uble     _________________________

7. gaeron _________________________

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Winter Wonderland Word Scramble (Beginner) 

wnso     ___________________________

diwn     ___________________________

lodc      ___________________________

etriwn    ___________________________

isk        ___________________________

sedl      ___________________________

ocsks     ___________________________

owmnans ___________________________

tosbo     ___________________________

ierf       ___________________________

ehwit     ___________________________

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Winter Clothes Word Search



BOOTS            MITTENS

COAT               SOCKS



JACKET            WOOL



S  Y  V  M  I  T T  E  N  S

S  F  K  J  A  C  K  E  T  V

F  O  F  R  A  C  S N  B  I

B  G  C  U  G  L  O V  E  S

Q  C  N K  M O M  F  T  X

B  O  O T  S  R  I  F  R  U

N  A  I  S W  E A  T  E  R

T  U  R  T  L  E  N  E  C  K

P   I  C  G  M W O O  L  L

W C  O  A  T  C  D S  Z  J

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5 Little Snowmen

Go through the rhyme and do the actions. Describe the actions as you go to reinforce vocabulary.

Five Little Snowmen

Five little snowmen standing in a row. (Hold up five fingers; stand up straight like soldier.)

Each had two eyes and a carrot nose. (Point to eyes; point to nose.) Along came the sun and shone all day, (Form sun with hands; wipe sweat from brow.)

And one little snowman melted away. (Hold up one finger; slowly “melt” to the ground.)

Four little snowmen…

Three little snowmen…

Two little snowmen…

One little snowman…

PDF File – 


Winter Verbs

Fill in the blanks with a verb that makes sense and then compare with your classmates.

1. I ____________________ to build snow forts in the winter.

2. ____________________ your snow boots before coming into the house.

3. All this _____________________ is making me really tired.

4. I just bought a new sled. Do you want to go ______________________?

5. Can we _____________________ a snowman?

6. You should always ____________________ a helmet while skiing.

7. It’s always fun to ____________________ hot chocolate after playing outside in the snow.

8. Be careful not to ____________________ on the ice!

9. Can you help me ____________________ my skates?

10. Brrrrrr! It’s cold. It’s time to _____________________ home.

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Ideas for Halloween ESL Party Planning – Halloween activities you can do with your ESL class

  • Pumpkin carving contest: Make teams of students to carve a nice jack-o-lantern, the teachers can be the judges
  • Halloween Costume Ideas: Your students can get creative and make costumes to wear for you ESL class Halloween Party
  • Halloween costume parade and contest: Make sure yo show all the other students and teachers yuor creative efforts in designing a costume with a parade and contest voted on by ESL students and teachers who has the best costume
  • Bobbing for apples: This is a fun activity we do at Halloween. You can use your hands and you have to get an apple from the water barrel with your mouth. These days it is not as popular of an activity because people are worried about germs, etc. So do so at your own, risk and it is a good idea to exclude anyone who is sick to not spread germs.
  • Haunted House: turn your ESL classroom into a haunted house tour with different spooky stations and slimy guts to touch and guess what it is… have fun!
  • Trick or Treating: you can have a class or school trick or treating event. Each class, or small group can make treats (such as candy apples, cookies, etc.), and give them to the other students if they say the famous Halloween words. (or if treats are limited, perhaps a prize for best costumes).
  • Listen to Haunted Music at the party
  • tell Ghost Stories
  • Watch a Halloween movie (be sure to be age sensitive) don’t scare little kids, and don’t scare adults either, they wont give your class / school good reviews. Keep it fun and use common sense.

Halloween Words / Halloween Vocabulary

Halloween Words – Vocabulary 

This is a list of common words used at Halloween. ESL teachers and students can use this as a warm up or backdrop for further ESL lessons and activities about the Halloween theme, one of the most enjoyable ESL themes to teach.

Halloween: Halloween day is every year on October 31 st. On Halloween day children go trick-or-treating(see below).

Jack O Lantern: This is the most significant / important Halloween symbol. This is a pumpkin which has been carved and cleaned. The most common way is to have a face on it, like in the picture. These days there are all kinds of different designs which people make.

Trick-or-treat / trick or treating: This is when children dress up in Halloween costumes and go to their neighbours houses and say – trick-or treat. Then the people will come from the house and give the children candy. Kids love trick-or-treating because they get lots of free candy (treats) every Halloween.

Goblin: This is a generic name for a weird, half monster creature. Sometimes they are short, sometimes like a human in size. They are always ugly and sometimes have some kind of black magic power. Just about any weird monster costume you make can be called a goblin, if it doesn’t have any other names.

Witch: Witches are Halloween symbols as well, they are scary old ladies with green faces, a mole on their nose and a loud and scary laugh. Ahhhhh, haaaaa, ha ha ha ha ha hhaaaaaa! They fly around at night on their broom stick and wear a black cape and pointy black hat.

Spell: witches cast (make) spells, which are black or bad magic formulas they use to harm people. For example, a witch can cast a spell to turn a handsome prince into a frog until a beautiful princess frees him.

Magic Potion: this is what someone makes in order to drink it to give them magic powers. A witch or a magic wizard will make a potion for good or bad reasons. For example they can make a potion to make them strong or invisible or to sleep for a hundred years.

Haunted house: a haunted house is an old and dark house, usually on top of a hill and it is full of ghosts.

Halloween costume: this is what children wear when they go trick or treating. Many common, or traditional costumes include vampires, witches, ghosts, werewolves, zombies. However, it is also common to see famous superheroes and celebrities as costumes such as batman, superman, etc. costumes can be store bought or home made.


Zombie: this is mythical a dead body which walks around at night looking for brains of humans to eat. They are stupid and scary creatures and they walk with their hands and arms out in front of them. In Michael Jackson’s Thriller music video, there were lots of zombies.

Black Cat: A black cat is a Halloween symbol. Usually we see black cats with witches. There is a saying that you don’t want to cross the path of a black cat because it will bring you bad luck.


Easter Crafts for ESL Class – Easter Activities

Easter Bunny Card

The Easter bunny is one of the major symbols of Easter along with Easter eggs and Easter chicks. Like Christmas’ Santa Clause, the Easter bunny brings Easter eggs and gifts to children on the eve of the Easter holiday. When Easter approaches, fun activities include participating in Easter egg hunts and making Easter crafts that feature either Easter eggs or the Easter bunny to give to someone special or as displays for the occasion.

For the Easter bunny, Easter is a time for giving Easter eggs and other presents. Kids will enjoy creating something fun and at the same time giving something worthwhile for the Easter holiday. Among the many Easter crafts available, the best and most expressive would be an Easter bunny card.

There are many ways to make an Easter bunny card. The card to be made here would be as fluffy as a real Easter bunny. The materials needed are:

Blank card stock or a rectangular piece of soft light-colored cardboard

Blue, red or black colored marker (make sure it is kid-safe, non-toxic)

Glue (make sure it is kid-safe, non-toxic)

Cotton balls

Pair of wiggly eyes

Some black yarn

Red cardboard


To make the Easter bunny card, first fold the card stock or cardboard in two to make a fold-out card. Then smear the front page with glue and spread the cotton balls on the page until it is fully covered with cotton. Cut out some long rabbit ear shapes with some spare cardboard. Stick the ‘ears’ a little beneath the first page. Cover the ears with some cotton as well. Stick the wiggly eyes on the front page. Cut a small red circle for the nose. Cut six two-inch pieces of black yarn for whiskers and stick them on either side of the nose. Cut out little hearts and egg shapes from the red cardboard and stick them with glue inside the card. Write a well-meaning Easter holiday message in English like ‘Happy Easter’.


Learn to Read with phonics.

Words that begin and end with the letter /d/

 Letter D

The Letter /D/

Part 1:

A)     Read the following words that begin with the letter /d/: 

  • Dan
  • Dad
  • Dot
  • Dig
  • Dog
  • Dim
  • Dip
  • Disk
  • Dark

Part 2:

  • How many new words can you make that begin with the letter /d/?

Part 3: wordsearch

D Word Wordsearch 

Part 4: Questions / Trivia

  • We use a shovel to d____ a hole in the ground.
  • At night time it is d______ outside.
  • Can you name a singer whose name begins with D?
  • Name a food that starts with the letter D.
  • Name a winter sport that starts with the letter D.
  • Name two foods that start with the letter D.

BONUS:  Name three countries which start with the letter /D/.

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