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Easter Crafts for ESL Class – Easter Activities
Easter Egg Scrolls – Cultural Fun Time

Easter is fast approaching and when the Easter holiday arrives, we think of the Easter bunny or Easter eggs. Easter is a time for renewal as is suggested by the true concept of Easter which is the resurrection of Jesus Christ. What’s fun about the Easter holiday are the Easter mall shows and Easter egg hunts for kids and like other holidays, the opportunity to make Easter crafts.

The most common of Easter crafts is the making of Easter Eggs. Eggs, whether real or plastic are decorated with colorful patterns and/or stuck with various colorful cutout designs or other decorations. They are either displayed or used in Easter egg hunts where eggs are hidden everywhere as the Easter bunny is often depicted doing. Prizes are given for every egg found.

To celebrate the Easter holiday of renewal, here is a special variation of the Easter egg called Easter egg scrolls. The following is needed to make Easter egg scrolls:

  • Any number of chicken eggs
  • Small pieces of stationery paper
  • Colored pens
  • Paint, water color, crayons (make sure it is kid-safe, non-toxic)
  • Paper tape
  • Hairdryer – *Must be supervised by an Adult at all times)

First, carefully punch a hole on top of the eggs without breaking the whole shell. Next, drain the egg contents into a bowl to be used for cooking. Next, wash the inside of the eggs with water and drain. Leave the eggs to dry or use a hairdryer. Then, cut the stationery paper so that they can fit in the egg once rolled then write notes of well wishes on the paper in English using colored pens. Notes like “Happy Easter. Enjoy your new start in life” or simply “Have a happy Easter” will do. Roll the paper and put inside the egg. Cover the hole with paper tape and color the egg anyway desired using colored pens, paint, water color or crayons.