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Romeo and Juliet

Read the poem with a friend and try to figure out what each bold word means based on the context.

My dear Juliet, your sight is everlasting as heaven above.

Your eyes gleam as bright as a lavishly blue jewel.

As my eyes set on yours they leap at the sight of love.

Your love makes me so crazy I’ve become love’s fool.


Your sincere love is winter’s breathe.

My love for you is stronger than anything else.

The sight of you made me more stiff than death.

Your voice chimes as beautifully as bells.


Our family’s feud is due to tear us apart.

Though I’ve been banished, my love still longs for you.

I wait again to catch your heart.

Oh, Juliet I wish we could start love of new.


Our love shall last forever till we die.

No one in the entire world loves you more than I.

Geoffrey Elliot

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