ESL Themes & Holiday Categories

Thanksgiving ESL

Learn about Thanksgiving with our Thanksgiving Themed ESL lessons and activities. Thanksgiving is a holiday cherished by most North American people. [...]

Phonics Worksheets

Phonics Worksheets Phonics are a specialized set of learning tools. Phonics work focuses on teaching sound patterns in language in order to learn rea[...]

Christmas ESL

Christmas & Holiday ESL Lessons Christmas is celebrated all over the world, but not by all people and all religions. These ESL Lessons are all ba[...]

Christmas Carols

Christmas Carols Lyrics  [...]

Fall ESL

Fall ESL These ESL lessons are designed for the Fall theme. These are appropriate for the Fall and Fall related events & holidays.   [...]

ESL Crafts

ESL Crafts ESL lessons are often great opportunities to learn through doing crafts. These activities are great for both young and old and involve lan[...]

Halloween ESL

Halloween Themed ESL Lessons & Resources Halloween is one of the most fun times for ESL classes.  Students and teachers have endless opportunity [...]

Summer ESL

Summer ESL Summer is an exciting time for learning English. Students are often in summer ESL camps, travel and study, and there is greater opportunit[...]

Spring ESL

Spring ESL These Spring themed ESL lessons are nice for a fresh start to the new season. Spring is when new life arrives, new smells, sights, sounds [...]

Business English

Business English Business English is a specialized category of English which is useful in business situation, but not only by business people. [...]

Valentines Day ESL

Valentine's Day ESL Lessons Valentine's day is a fun time in ESL classrooms. We have several Valentines day ESL lessons to choose from. Our lessons a[...]

Winter ESL Lessons

Winter ESL Lessons Winter is often a time to buckle down and do some hard work. In addition to the Winter specific lessons, you may enjoy our full le[...]

Easter ESL

Easter ESL The following ESL lessons are great for teaching the Easter theme.[...]