Halloween Themed ESL Lessons & Resources

Halloween ESLHalloween is one of the most fun times for ESL classes.  Students and teachers have endless opportunity to learn Halloween words, vocabulary, culture and participate in games and activities. This is also a great opportunity to get the whole ESL class or even school involved. *If you enjoy this page, please share it on Facebook and Twitter. Follow / Join us on Facebook and twitter.


The 15 Best Halloween ESL Activity Links on the (Spider) Web!

The 15 Best Halloween ESL Activity Links on the (Spider) Web! We have searched long and far, and found what we think are some of the best 15 Hall[...]

The Origins of Halloween (Advanced reading)

The Origins of Halloween (Advanced reading) It was a dark night at the end of the summer, hundreds of years ago, when our Celtic ancestors celebrated[...]

Halloween Words

Halloween Words / Halloween Vocabulary Halloween Words - Vocabulary  This is a list of common words used at Halloween. ESL teachers and students can[...]

Ideas for Halloween ESL Class Party Planning

Ideas for Halloween ESL Party Planning - Halloween activities you can do with your ESL class Pumpkin carving contest: Make teams of students to ca[...]

Halloween Words (Printable)

Halloween Culture ESL Lesson (Printable)