Winter ESL Lessons

Winter is often a time to buckle down and do some hard work. In addition to the Winter specific lessons, you may enjoy our full length ESL lessons, which teach multi-skills over one or more classes.

Winter Olympics theme conversation starters

Winter Olympics ESL Vocabulary & Conversation Starter (Winter Olympics) Beginner Olympic English – This is an easy conversation model starter act[...]

Alpine Skiing at the Olympics – Winter Olympics vocabulary

Alpine Skiing at the Olympics – Winter Olympics vocabulary Alpine Skiing, also called downhill skiing, consists of four main events in the Winter Oly[...]

15 Excellent Winter ESL Resources from around the Web

15 Excellent Winter ESL Resources from around the Web We have searched high and low, and these are our 15 favourite external site resources for teach[...]

Winter Olympics Sports and Events: A Fun Vocabulary Builder and Exercise

Winter Olympics Sports and Events: There are fifteen winter Olympic sports and within each sport there are various events. This is a vocabulary b[...]

Valentines Day Rap

 Happy Valentines Day! Listen and watch the video below. or click here for PDF Printable Version for handouts: PDF Share This Link with others [...]

A Valentine’s Day Fruit and Vegetables Poem!

You may not carrot all for me The way I care for you. You may turnip your nose When I plead with you But if your heart should beet with [...]

Happy Valentines Day Charlie Brown!

Happy Valentines Day Charlie Brown! Watch the video. [social_share style="square" align="horizontal" heading_align="inline" facebook="1" twitter="1" [...]

Winter Conversation Starters - ESL Conversation Prompts

Winter Conversation Starters How does winter differ from other seasons? What articles of clothing do people wear to help them stay warm during the[...]

Winter Hokey Pokey - KIDS Winter ESL Vocabulary Song

Winter Hokey Pokey Use this activity to talk about clothing that’s worn during winter. Get your class to brainstorm all kinds of winter clothing idea[...]

Winter Sports Word Scramble

Winter Sports Word Scramble Unscramble the word for the sport. tbiaholn esepd nsaitgk kis ujminpg eferesylt ksiing wodnillh siikng no[...]

How Many Words in “Winter Wonderland”? - ESL Winter word search

How Many Words? Can you find 10 words hidden in “Winter Wonderland”? 1. ______________________________ 2. ______________________________ 3. [...]

The Hot Chocolate Mystery - a Winter ESl Creative writing prompt

The Hot Chocolate Mystery Someone stole the marshmallows from all of the hot chocolate cups. But who?...You finish the story. ____________________[...]

Snowflakes on Strike! Winter ESl Creative Writing Prompt

Snowflakes on Strike! We’re on strike! We’re tired of freezing all the time and always falling down. Every day we lie around with nothing to do. We’r[...]

Winter Wonderland Word Scramble (Beginner)

Winter Wonderland Word Scramble (Beginner)  wnso     ___________________________ diwn     ___________________________ lodc      _______________[...]

Winter Clothes Word Search (Beginner)

Winter Clothes Word Search (Beginner)   BOOTS            MITTENS COAT               SOCKS EARMUFFS      SWEATER GLOVES           TURTLENEC[...]

Winter Wonderland Word Scramble (Advanced)

Winter Wonderland Word Scramble (Advanced) zabilzdr        _________________________ pmuteaerert   _________________________ nwaooidsrnbg  ____[...]

5 Little Snowmen - Children's ESL Rhyme

5 Little Snowmen Go through the rhyme and do the actions. Describe the actions as you go to reinforce vocabulary. Five Little Snowmen Five litt[...]

Jack Frost, a Poem by Gabriel Setoun

Winter Vocabulary Read the poem and discuss new vocabulary.   Jack Frost (by Gabriel Setoun)   The door was shut, as doors shou[...]

Winter Verbs Worksheet

Winter Verbs Fill in the blanks with a verb that makes sense and then compare with your classmates. 1. I ____________________ to build snow forts [...]