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Articles Submitted by ESL Teachers around the world

NEW: Desperate Liaisons in Riyadh's Diplomatic Quarter: There is a lot of loose information exchanged on the back channels at embassy parties. Harry Nicolaides, an Australian writer in Saudi Arabia, lives in the diplomatic quarter of Riyadh where today’s gossip – like the location of the 15 British Royal navy personnel abducted by Iranian forces - is often tomorrow’s headline.

Cyprus : The Road to Re-unification: In 1958, when the first barbed-wire barricades were rolled out by the British colonial government across Ledra Street in the capital of Cyprus it seemed inevitable that the seeds of division would yield a bitter harvest of inter-communal conflicts, regional tensions and finally the partition of the whole island.

Saudi Arabia : Breaking the Curse of Black Gold: Many years ago, the chairman of the First City Bank of Texas was visiting the crown prince of Saudi Arabia. The topic of discussion was economics. The chairman asked the crown prince where he would prefer to live: a large country with a temperate climate, pristine peninsulas, islands, lush vegetation and abundant natural resources or a small country with no natural resources, sparse vegetation and an inhospitable climate.... read the full article here...

Saudi Students Seize the Day: The Beginning of a Cultural Revolution: On the night of the 27th November 2006, while millions of Saudis were sleeping, a handful of students in the capital unknowingly started a cultural revolution. Life imitated art when a stage play, “Wasati Bila Wasatiya” (A Moderate without Moderation) at Al Yamamah, an international college in Riyadh, triggered a violent confrontation between the Islamic religious police, the Mutawa and hundreds of students, read the full article here...

Staying Fit On the Road: ESL Teacher Health & Fitness Pro, Stefan Ferron gives great advice for staying Healthy and fit whilst teaching English in Korea... read more...

Cunning Linguists - The arrest of John Karr for the murder of JonBenet Ramsey has raised questions about the types of expatriates working in Thailand's education system. Harry Nicolaides, a Melbourne-born teacher who has taught English in Thailand for the last three years reveals that he sometimes felt he was sharing an office with Hannibal Lector.   

ESL Teachers: In this section you will find resources from teachers, for teachers. In the ESL teaching profession, there are many wonderful and helpful professionals who are always more than happy to share ideas and tips on how to be a better teacher, how to improve your skills, credentials and how to deal with new situations that you have been presented with in class.

ESL teachers come from all different backgrounds. There are some who have education degrees, other with business backgrounds and entered this professison upon retirement, some who graduated university with history degrees (etc) and some who ended up teaching by pure accident.

Teachers of English are largely travelers. Teaching English is a great way to see the world and get paid for it. The goals and motivations have to be considered carefully before deciding on which country to go and teach in. For example, Korea or Japan are great places to go and live a fun life and make a respectable amount of money and are accessible markets to almost any university graduate who wants a new experience. Hong Kong and the middle East are higher paying but not as easy to get hired. China, Thailand, Mexico, South America are all great places to live but the money is relatively little if you have home country bills to pay (ie students loans).

No matter what your desire or level of education, you can almost be certain that you will find what you are looking for through teaching English.

In this section we will provide resources for you. We welcome teachers to submit their questions, lessons ideas, articles and stories from their travels and experience as an English teacher.


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