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Go home / Get home

  •  go home = the process of going home
  • get home = arrive at your house
  • Q: What are you going to do now?
  • A: I am going to go home. / I have to go home. / I want to go home.
  • Q: What did you do after English class yesterday?
  • A: I just went home. / I stopped by a bookstore and then went home. / I went to (place) to (verb)
  • Q: Where are you going after school / work?
  • A: I’m going home. / I’m going to a bar to meet a friend./ I’m going to my aunt’s place (apartment/house) to have dinner with her.
  • Q: How do you usually go home?
  • A: I go home by bus.
  • Q: What time did you get home?
  • A: I got home at midnight.
  • Q: When will Mark get home from work?
  • A: He will get home around 5:30.
  • Questions to ask your pen(key)pal or partner.
  • Q: How do you usually go home from work?
  • A: I usually bike home or (your answer).
  • Q: When you go out drinking with friends, how do you usually get home?
  • A: I usually take a taxi home.
  • Q: What time do you usually get home on weeknights? on weekends?
  • A: I usually get home at 2 on Saturday nights?
  • Q: What time do you usually get home from a date?
  • A: I usually get home at about midnight when I’m on a date. Midnight is my curfew* and if I’m not home by then, my dad freaks out.

*Curfew is a time that you must be home by. Some college dorms have curfews, and some parents enforce a curfew.