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In the Spirit of Giving “Thanks”! – 15 of the Best Thanksgiving ESL Lesson Plans on the Web!

1. History, vocabulary, reading and listening combine to make a fascinating lesson on the origins of the holiday and feast.

2. Multi-disciplinary unit on Thanksgiving with enough vocabulary, literacy, numeracy and social studies exercises to keep your little pilgrims busy for hours.

3. Charlie Brown themed Thanksgiving activities sure to put a smile on your kids faces. They’ll be happy working away which will put a smile on your face as well.

4. Nice mixture of various ESL Thanksgiving activities which talks about both American and Canadian traditions.

5. Pumpkin-centred ESL lesson. Everything you ever wanted to know about pumpkins but were afraid to ask!

6. Songs and poems, many by Longfellow, that will give your class a whole new appreciation for the Native American experience.

7. Large number of short stories that celebrate the theme and history of Thanksgiving. You can give thanks for all the opportunities to share new vocabulary.

8. Funny Thanksgiving cartoon with a link to hundreds more! Create great discussion and have a good laugh at the same time.

9. Great chance to learn cooking and food vocabulary through exploring Thanksgiving recipes. Give your adult students real treat by facilitating them cooking the entire meal!

10. Dozens and dozens of printable ESL Thanksgiving worksheets. Spread the “giving” spirit by handing out multiple sheets to every student.

11. Coming from one of the most trusted resources out there, here are a whole basket full of activities, games and general information from National Geographic Kids.

12. Get your students mouths’ watering and learn all about food and measurements with these Thanksgiving recipes.

13. Neat jumping off point for learning about Thanksgiving traditions for cultures across the world.

14. Be thankful for dozens of printable Thanksgiving stickers, flashcards, word-searches and worksheets.

15. For the more musically inclined teachers out there here are a number of Thanksgiving-themed songs to entertain your little ESL learners with.