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Korean Age..? You are older than you think.

A woman in Korea might tell you she is depressed because she is now 30 years old and not married. 30 is typically the the age where people think they should be settled down and married, with Korea being no different. The only problem is that in Korea when someone says that they are 30 years old, they are actually 29, or even 28!

These people who are facing a personal crisis because they are 30 years old, should consider how most of the world determines age and breathe easy for a year or two more!

What am I talking about?

In Korea when you are born you are automatically 1 years old, not zero like most countries. Also, all Korean people change their age, or get a year older on January 1st, not their birthday. So, someone who is born in December could be considered 2 years old on January 1st, even though they are only one month old!

Depending on your actual birthdate, you will always be a year older than back home, or sometimes 2 years older! Sure makes life more stressful!

Post Credit: Mitch Benvie