English Slang & Idioms

Learning about English slang and idioms is fun and gives cultural insight. In order to truly grasp many of these, a good and deeper level of understanding of the language and culture may be required. But, beginner learners will also benefit, and have fun from these.

Easter Idioms

Work with a partner to discover what the idiom means. To egg someone on To put all your eggs in one basket To walk on egg shells You cannot [...]

“Spring” Idioms Discuss the meaning of these idioms with your class.

“Spring” Idioms  Discuss the meaning of these idioms with your class. 1. No Spring Chicken  2. Spring Into Action 3. Spring To Attention [...]

A Valentine’s Day Fruit and Vegetables Poem!

You may not carrot all for me The way I care for you. You may turnip your nose When I plead with you But if your heart should beet with [...]

Restaurant English

Restaurant ESL Taking your young adult ESL learners to a restaurant, or at least talking about restaurant culture, is an important step in acclimatiz[...]

Valentines Day Rap

 Happy Valentines Day! Listen and watch the video below. or click here for PDF Printable Version for handouts: PDF Share This Link with others [...]

Being able to face your fears and make admissions and state truths about yourself you held inside.

Some of the best advice you'll receive today. (This requires advanced listening and comprehension skills). Share This Link with others on Facebook[...]