English Writing Prompts

These English writing prompts are sure to get your students writing about various and interesting topics in no time.

The Hot Chocolate Mystery - a Winter ESl Creative writing prompt

The Hot Chocolate Mystery Someone stole the marshmallows from all of the hot chocolate cups. But who?...You finish the story. ____________________[...]

How to write a cheque

How to write a cheque What is a cheque: A cheque is form of “currency”, which is a different word for money. A cheque is a form of money that yo[...]

April Fool's Day ESL Lesson

April Fool's Day Pre-Reading Task Discuss these questions in groups Have you heard of April Fool’s Day? What is a fool? What do you think[...]

The Box of Chocolates Mystery - A Valentines Day Creative Writing Prompt

The Box of Chocolates Mystery  Someone stole all the chocolates from the chocalate box But who?...You finish the story. __________________________[...]

Saving Cupid - A Valentines day creative writing prompt

Saving Cupid The news came over the radio. “Emergency! Cupid is all out of arrows. Valentines Day will probably be cancelled!” I knew we had to[...]

Snowflakes on Strike! Winter ESl Creative Writing Prompt

Snowflakes on Strike! We’re on strike! We’re tired of freezing all the time and always falling down. Every day we lie around with nothing to do. We’r[...]

Easter Vocabulary and Creative Writing Prompt

Easter Vocabulary Write the words on the right in alphabetic order on the lines on the left.  1 :___________________________   basket 2 :______[...]