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Last call at 2 am? Umm, how about 8 am?

Bars and clubs are just as popular in Korea as anywhere else in the world. From world class night clubs in Busan and Seoul to hole in the wall pubs throughout the cities and towns alike, hitting the town always a good option.

Similar to western countries, Thursday through Saturday nights are usually the busiest, while most popular places are packed every Friday and Saturday night. Teachers in Korea who teach private school typically start at 1:00 or 2:00 pm and finish around 9:00pm, so the party usually gets started pretty late for these teachers.

This is okay in Korea because most bars and clubs do not have a specific closing time. There seem to be no rules or laws saying that a bar can’t serve alcohol or be open at a certain time. In a highly competitive market, bars will usually stay open as long as there are people buying drinks. A typical night usually ends around 4am, but many times you can expect there to be a crowd going strong until 6am or later!

Post Credit: Mitch Benvie