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Learn to Read with phonics.

Words that begin and end with the letter /c/ (hard /k/ sound)

The letter C - Phonics

The Letter /C/

Part 1:

A)     Read the following words that begin with the letter /c/:

  • Cat
  • Cab
  • Cup
  • Cot
  • Cut
  • Core

What do these have in common?  The vowels used are /a/, /u/ and /o/.  When these vowels follow the letter ‘c’, at the beginning of a word, the ‘c’ usually has a hard /k/ sound.

B)     Also, when a consonant follows the letter ‘c’ the ‘c’ will usually have a hard /k/ sound too.

  • Crab
  • Crank
  • Crow
  • Cry
  • Clap
  • Cross
  • Crown
  • Clown
  • Clock

Part 2:

  • How many more words can you make that begin with the letter /c/?

Part 3: Questions / Trivia

  1. An English and French speaking country in North America: C_________.
  2. It makes milk and says “moo”: c_________.
  3. Look both ways before you c_________ the street!
  4. If you are close to a freshly cut onion you might c_________.
  5. You can color in your coloring book with a c_________.
  6. You can go for a long drive in a c_________.
  7. Ronald McDonald is a famous c_________.
  8. A c____________ turns into a butterfly.
  9. Tigers have big, sharp c_________.
  10. I enjoy learning English on my c_________    .
  11. When I was 4 years old I had 4 c_________ on my c_________.

*bonus – a map maker is also known as a c__________________.