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Car - Auto Insurance Quotes for Students


Cheap Auto Insurance- Auto Insurance Quotes

Students getting auto-insurance in Canada - Common Problem - "Auto Insurance /Auto Insurance Quotes?"

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Car Insurance (quotes):

How to get car insurance / car auto insurance quotes: Car insurance is a mandatory requirement by law in Canada and the USA. If you are caught driving with no insurance you will get a fine, an expensive one. If you are found to have purposely driven with no insurance you may be subject to criminal punishment.

Yes, car insurance is expensive, especially for new drivers in Canada.

"But I have been driving for 20 years in my home country - It doesn't matter to the insurance companies. The broker (seller who sells insurance on behalf of a company) will try to comfort you, they are sales people. But chances are that they will be powerless against the insurance company and your "insurance premium" will be very high.

The minimal insurance required is called liability, also called PLPD, meaning personal liability and property damage. This type of car insurance will cover the cost of damage you have done to other cars, property or people. It does not cover you.

Please note that if you are somehow financing a car - they will probably require you to get collision coverage as well. Collision coverage will also cover your car in case of an accident. When you finance a car, the lender normally takes security over the car, which means that the lender has a right to seize the vehicle if you don’t pay your loan.

deductible - the deductable is an amount, that if you make an insurance claim, you will pay yuourself. For example; if you have a deductable of $500 and you make a claim to the insurance company for $1000, you will pay the first $500 and the insurance company will then give you the remaining $500.

Auto / Car Insurance premium - this is the amount of money you must pay to the insurance company.

risk / driving record - chances are you will not get credit for your driving in other countries and will be considered a new driver in Canada. Your risk as a new driver will be higher and therefore your insurance premium will be higher. Especially the first year or two insured in Canada will be expensive.

Online Auto Insurance Quote: There are some places where you could get an online auto insurance quote. You can check out the results you get from an internet search for this.

Cheap Auto Insurance: Cheap auto insurance is not easy to find. You will want to make sure that the coverage is enough to keep you safe and be careful, cheap insurance may not be what you need. There is an old saying, "Auto / car Insurance is expensive, until you need it."

Driver Education - Taking a driver education course will usually lower your insurance premiums. You can find some driver education courses in the phone book.



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