Learning English. Learn English with an English Vocabulary Phrase Lesson: Dreams.
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Learning English. Learn English with an English Vocabulary Phrase Lesson: ESL Vocabulary lesson - Dreams


ESL, English Vocabulary Exercise

R.E.M.- rapid eye movement. This is when a person’s eyes move very quickly while they are sleeping. People are supposed to have their dreams during R.E.M.

daydream-not really a dream, a daydream is when you let your mind wander. Every student has daydreamed sometime during classes.

déjà vu - ‘already seen’ in French. Déjà vu refers to the feeling that one has done, heard or said something before

lucid dreaming - when someone becomes aware that they are dreaming (and sometimes takes control of the dream). You can learn more about lucid dreaming at http://www.oniros.fr/luciddreams.html

nightmare - a bad dream

recurring dreams - when you keep having the same dream on different evenings

out-of-body experience – when someone’s soul leaves their body yet the soul can still see. Many people who have medically died and come back to life talk about having out-of-body experiences.


1) Do you ever fantasize about being someone else?

2) Do you daydream? What about?

3) Has anything you have dreamed about ever come true?

4) Do you think dreams can show us our future or tell us about our personality? Or both? Or neither?

5) Do you often dream about your lover?

6) Have you ever had deja vu?

7) How much of your dreams do you remember?

8) Do you dream in colour or in black and white?

9) What is your worst nightmare?

10) Do you have recurring dreams? Nightmares?

11) How often do you dream?

12) How have your dreams changed as you have gotten older?

13) Have you ever woken up screaming because of a dream?

14) Have you ever had an out-of-body experience? Does the idea of that frighten you or intrigue you?

15) Do you talk or walk in your sleep?

16) Do you ever have work-related dreams or nightmares?

17) Are you a peaceful or an acrobatic (tossing and turning) sleeper?

18) Have you ever heard about lucid dreaming? Would you like to try it? What would you do?



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