Business English. Learn Business English with a Business English Reading Prompt:   Internet / E-Commerce Entrepreneurs
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Business English. Learn Business English with a Business English Reading Prompt: Internet / E-Commerce Entrepreneurs

Who Are They and How Do They Succeed?


English vocabulary and phrases, Business English: e-commerce, entrepreneur, “dot com business”, Silicon Valley, hi-tech, internet entrepreneur, fraud.

What is an internet entrepreneur and what do they do? Entrepreneurs are people who create new businesses and products. Entrepreneurs are everyday people who take their ideas and turn them into reality. History is full of people who had an idea and decided to try their hand in the marketplace. Some made a fortune while some just made a living at doing what they wanted and enjoyed. Internet / E-Commerce Entrepreneurs are breaking new ground everyday, no boundaries. How Do They Succeed?

What qualities are needed to become an entrepreneur? There is no real psychological test to determine if you have the potential to be one. Probably the best test is your ability to work hard and be creative in your ideas and your thinking. The success of an entrepreneur depends on your own idea of what success is. Some may say “to become a millionaire” before I’m 30. Some may say “ to take this idea and market it and make a good living”, while others may say “I just want to try and make it”. Whatever your motivations for being an entrepreneur is usually different than reality. Reality is the measuring stick to how much effort, creative thinking, and luck you have on your side.

So how does being an entrepreneur differ from being an E-commerce entrepreneur? Being an entrepreneur is never easy. Some may try their whole life trying to reach the level of success they want and won’t achieve it because of the ‘uneven playing” field that exists in the conventional marketplace. The conventional marketplace is full of competitors who have more money, resources, products/services, and connections. It can be difficult for those with fewer resources and connections to get started in the marketplace, but a good alternative for getting started is the internet.

The Internet, more than any other external condition, makes the marketplace a more even playing field. That’s why today there are thousands upon thousands of people who never thought of being entrepreneurs are suddenly owning and running their own Internet businesses. It still requires hard work, lots of energy, a lot of creative ideas, and of course luck doesn’t hurt either.

What then is an Internet Entrepreneur? An Internet entrepreneur is someone who has taken their ideas and turned them into an Internet business. They have realized that they have a chance to succeed on the Internet when they had no chance at all in the conventional marketplace. The Internet has created millions upon millions of opportunities for people with ideas to start their own Internet business. Without the Internet they probably wouldn’t have even thought of starting a business. Thus they are different from a more conventional entrepreneur in that their business is strictly on the Internet. They are Internet Entrepreneurs.

Discussion Questions:

  • What are some different examples of e-commerce?
  • Have you ever bought anything online?
  • Do you trust online shopping?
  • Do people in your country use online shopping often?
  • Are you worried about fraud when shopping online?
  • Would you ever start up an online business?
  • What are some advantages of an online automated business?




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