Business English. Learn Business English with a Business English Reading Prompt:   Become An E-Commerce Entrepreneur.
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Business English. Learn Business English with a Business English Reading Prompt: Become An E-Commerce Entrepreneur


One of the single greatest things the internet age has done for people is allowed them, with few resources and or specific know how, to become E-Commerce entrepreneurs. E-Commerce is simply doing business electronically, with an internet connection. This way virtually anyone with a computer and a little will can learn how to set up and run a business quite easily. There are some tips and secrets that make this a more successful process which we will discuss here.

Why do people want to start a business?

The main reason is to make money. There are some other closely related, 'spin off' reasons as well. The first is because people don't like their preset job either because it doesn't pay enough money, or because it takes up too much time and doesn't pay enough. With an internet business you will be busy, yes, just like any business you have to put in the time to get the pay off. The advantage here is that you have much more flexibility with choosing your work hours and location. It is simple to set up a small home office. You can also work from anywhere in the world with an internet business. Maybe you like to travel, you can still travel and access the internet at even some of the most remote locations in the world. I have been doing it for years now.

Another reason people want to start a business is because they can't find a steady job. Education and qualifications and experience seem to be an endless loop with no way out for the majority of society these days. If you are familiar with Thomas Metts' article on, "Knowledge Expertise" you will know that the internet provides a good opportunity for people these days to overcome this obstacle and make a real "Go of it," in life now. There is no reason a person has to live a life they are unhappy with in this day and age.

What is the quickest and easiest way to set up business?

That is an easy one to answer, simply set up a website and sell something. With the internet you have a virtually unlimited market. How much does your job pay you a year after taxes?

There is more to just setting up a web site and sitting back and getting rich of course. You have to get customers to your site and give them a product that they will want and benefit from. The planning can be broken down into a few categories. First you need a product, then you need some technological support, you will also need some references for the business aspect and then you have to market your product, meaning you have to let your customers know that you have what they want.

There are several ways to go about these things and here is a quick rundown of what you will need. First of all, a product. This is easier than you think. There are two concepts that we will discuss right now. You can make or design your own product, or you can re-sell. In regards to re-selling there are a million and one things available to re-sell. You can re-sell your own possessions, or other people's possessions. For example, every time you buy a domain name you are probably buying from a re-seller. If you buy web hosting you are probably buying from a re-seller. Every time you buy something at the local corner store or department store you are buying from a re-seller. These places do not make the products, someone else does, and the merchants buy them cheap and mark them up when they sell to you. If you have something you want to re-sell, great, if not you are still in business as you can make your own product quickly and easily. This is the information age and that means knowledge is the big commodity. You can make your own information product.

Now that you have a product you have to make a plan on how you want to go about doing business and since this article is about an internet business, we will focus on how to plan for an internet business. The main things to consider here is the design, delivery and marketing. You need a website with a name you choose, you also need a web hosting package. For more information on these things see the Resources in the Articles Section, 'Web Hosting.' Now you have to consider and write a website plan, a business plan and a marketing plan. Don't worry, we will explain these things now.

Your web plan will be a layout of all the web pages in a flowchart design like the image below. Some tips for web design, go with easy to look at colors, make it simple and easy to follow, make it easy to navigate and make it so that your customer can buy your product online and receive it instantly. If you don't know anything about web design you can enquire about our design services check out the tutorial on our "links" page, or email us at for web design services information. Your business plan will include things like an executive summary and the plan for operations and finances. The good thing is that this type of business has a much lower start up cost and you can do it from your home office.

Your product delivery can be simplified and automated which is a benefit to you and your customers. Always provide links for support and customer service, the better merchant you are the better business will be. And by giving your customers the option to buy online you will increase the number of sales exponentially because when people see that you have a great product that they can benefit from, they don't want to wait for it, they want it now.

Your marketing plan is the ways in which you let customers know about your product. It is no good to have a product ready to sell if no one knows about it. Therefore you have to pool all your creative resources to get the word out. There are many ways to do this both on and offline. Depending on your budget you can advertise using many different mediums. There are free on and offline classified ads as well as paid advertising to consider. There are also web site design issues to consider in order to help getting free search engine traffic.

Technological support

You have to be able to set up an internet site. This means either designing one yourself, or having someone else design one for you. A simple website is quite easy to design and the basics can be learned in a few hours. When you choose a domain name you have to next get set up with a web hosting package. For example when you buy the name, that is all you get, to put web pages on the internet for people to see you need a hosting package. This is pretty reasonable these days and will average between 5 and 8 dollars each month depending on what you need. This is basically your storefront office that your online customers will visit. Much cheaper than leasing office space downtown.

In addition, you will need to be able to process credit cards online. This is most easily achieved by setting up a deal with a Third Party Processor, a business who will, for a fee process your customers' credit cards and then pay you for what your product earned. They actually just send the money to your bank account, and there you have it, from idea to the bank. Make your own decision. Business English


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