ESL Games: Learning English with ESL games:The Have you ever esl game.
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ESL Games: Learning English with ESL games:The Have you ever esl game.


This activity is a modification of a few different activities. This is a game for students to practice making “Have you ever…” questions, and responding to them. Divide students into groups of 4-10. Print out some play money and distribute it equally to each student. There are many places on the web you can find some play money, but to save you a little time looking, you can go to Cut out and shuffle the “Tell the Truth” or “Tell a Lie” cards at the end of this page and place them in one pile at the center of the table. Model “Have you ever” + past participle for your students, as well as ways to respond to “Have you ever” questions.


Have you ever sung in public.

Yes, I have. or No, I haven’t.

You may want to give students the at the end of this lesson with some examples of ‘Have you ever questions’ with verbs in the simple present. Remind students that they will have to change the simple present to a past participle. The first student starts and asks anyone else in his/her group a “Have you ever question.” The student who is asked the question should draw a card from the pile of “Tell the Truth” or “Tell a Lie” cards and answer according to the card. The rest of the students are allowed to ask 3 more follow-up questions to try and determine of the person answering is telling the truth or lying. Then all of the students, except for the student who answered, bet on whether the student is telling the truth or lying. It is the student answering the question that must pay the bets. It’s a good idea to set a maximum bet, so one student doesn’t go completely bankrupt on one question.

Example: In a group of six students (made up of Chandler, Joey, Monica, Phoebe, Rachel and Ross) Ross starts and decides to ask Monica, “Have you ever stayed up all night”. Monica, who has never stayed up all night, draws a “Tell a Lie” card and answers, “Yes, I have.” Since three follow-up questions are allowed, Joey begins and asks “When?” Monica replies, “Last summer”. Phoebe then asks Monica, “Who were you with?” Monica replies, “My cousin.” Chandler asks Monica, “Where were you?” Monica replies, “In our cabin.” Rachel then asks, “What did you do all night?” Ross steps in and says, “Three questions are up. It’s time to bet.”

Ross: “3 dollars it’s a lie”

Phoebe: “2 dollars. Truth”

Chandler : “uh…a buck, lie”

Joey: “2 dollars she’s lying”

Rachel: “3 dollars says she’s telling the truth”

Monica then shows her “Tell a Lie” card. She collects Phoebe’s and Rachel’s money, since they were wrong, but has to pay Ross 3 dollars, Joey 2 dollars and Chandler a dollar. Overall, she lost one dollar. Play proceeds for a set-time period. This activity can also be used to practice “When was the last time you…” or “Did you ever…”


Have you ever… (List is available in the printable PDF version Click Here)


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