ESL Games: Learning English with ESL games:The Holiday Fun esl game.
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ESL Games: Learning English with ESL games:The Holiday Fun esl game.


Tell the class to pretend that they are going on a holiday or a field trip, and ask them to bring in one small item or object that they would need to take with them. Use a large suitcase as a prop, and put it on a desk at the front of the classroom. Ask the students to come to the front of the class one by one and describe what they have brought, and explain why they have brought it. Try to get the children to be as specific as possible, for example, if a child has chosen to bring a t-shirt ask them what colour it is, and what the logo says etc.

When all of the objects are ‘packed’ in the suitcase you can develop the idea further still, by asking the class what they have forgotten to pack. As they call out the items white the words down on the board – toothpaste, camera, sandals – and then get them to group the similar objects together.



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