Business English. Learn Business English with a Business English Reading Prompt:  Internet Marketing - Part 1
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Business English. Learn Business English with a Business English Reading Prompt: Internet Marketing - Part 1


Brick and Click Business

English vocabulary and phrases, Business English: brick and click business, internet marketing, product, price, promotion,

In the last series of articles we talked about marketing. We focused on the basics of marketing, products, and the competition. In this series we will focus on Internet marketing and how it differs from conventional marketing. To illustrate the differences between conventional marketing and Internet marketing we will focus on the “four P’s” of marketing; product, price, place, and promotion, and how they apply to Internet marketing.

The first article will be a basic overview of Internet marketing and the second and third articles will focus on possible Internet marketing strategies for small businesses that want to do business on the Internet.

What is Internet marketing? Basically as the name implies it is marketing your products and services on the Internet. You might have an Internet business only or you might have a brick and mortar business that you want to sell in both areas. Some businesses use the Internet for advertising purposes only. Some products aren’t usually sold or transacted on the Internet so companies mainly just advertise and inform consumers of what they sell. Some company’s sell in both areas and some companies like sell on the Internet only. In this series we will distinguish how marketing strategies will differ depending on your preference; brick and mortar and you want to advertise only on the Internet, brick and mortar and you want to sell and market on the Internet, or you want to sell and market on the Internet only.

The underlying principle or core competency that is most important in Internet marketing is communication with your potential customers or clients. Whether you are just a B&M that want to advertise and inform only or whether you are a B&C, brick and click, that wants to sell in both areas, or are an Internet only, the same principle applies, communication and service to the customer. Getting your message to your potential customers is core value # 1. If you don’t market your message correctly, don’t tell your customers your story, don’t inform them of the great products or services you have available, then you are wasting your and their time.

Again this series will not be about the bells and whistles of creating great web designs, about the technical aspects of building a great web site. Check out some of the other articles and check out some of the other offers available regarding the technical aspects of running an Internet business. This series will focus on the business/marketing side of running an Internet business. Garnet Brooks can guide you through the technical aspects.

Exactly what do we need to know about Internet marketing that is different from conventional marketing? Again the number one priority in Internet marketing is communication. Communication is informing potential customers what you sell and what services you provide. It also involves providing service to the customers in the form of answering customer/client inquiries in a timely manner, providing timely answers to questions both negative and positive that customers might have, providing convenient and secure ways to purchase your products and services, and providing timely delivery of the products and services. All of these are part of the marketing process. A key phrase in marketing today is “relationship marketing”. Marketing or Internet marketing or relationship marketing doesn’t stop with the information on the web page but rather through the entire process of providing information about what you are and what you have or sell, answering inquiries, transacting the secure sale, and providing timely delivery are all part of the total marketing package. Even marketing strategies such as “direct mail” require relationship marketing on the Internet too.

Another important component of Internet marketing is understanding who your customers are and how you can reach them. Because you probably have limited resources available so its important to target your message or communications to specific customers through what is said on your web page to how potential customers are able to access your site. Certain customers depending on age, income, and lifestyle tend to frequent certain sites only or they tend to find information in ways that are different from other customers depending on the variables mentioned above. We will discuss in the strategies part how you might be able to target specific customers or how you can decide just who you want to communicate and market to.

In Part 2 we will discuss the four P’s of marketing and how we can integrate them into the Internet marketing mix.



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