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Free GED If you are interested in obtaining your GED, try out free registration today.

ESL Listening Program (click for more Info) (great for students, schools & teachers!)
Why do you want to be more confident listening to English?

  • Do you want to live in an English speaking country so need to communicate more effectively?
  • Do you need to communicate effectively in English in your work?
  • Do you want to study in an English speaking country and need to understand more?
  • Are you studying English at school and want to improve your grades?
  • Do you know lots of grammar but need to activate your language to communicate?
  • Or perhaps you just want to do it for fun?

Teacher Resource - How to make a Difference - Guide to classroom teaching success

A wonderful resource for the new and 'veteran' teacher. Customer reviews on website.

Want to Teach in Japan? The Japan guide for ESL Teachers

"Japan is Still One Of The Best Places In The World to Make A Respectable Income, Get Cultured And Be Safe All At The Same Time."

Learn Spanish in less than 3 months - 1 Week Free's List of ESL Link Partners:

Sites For Teachers


Spanish courses - Learn spanish at one of our spanish language schools.


Web sites for learning English The Big Reccommended List!

- ESL / English Language References - [dictionary & word games are great for building academic vocabulary] [a good dictionary that allows you to learn synonyms easily] [this tool gives you synonyms and antonyms for any word you type in] [my favorite concordancer for seeing vocabulary in action] [this is a concordancer for business English] [all kinds of language tools, my favorites - the concordancer and the karaoke] [lots of specialized dictionaries and other links]

- Business English - [a good site for exercises that focus on business English] [a variety of business English sites]

Grammar (For more google the grammatical term and exercises, for example, verb tenses exercises, a an the exercises, business English exercises.) [many clickable links to grammar sites] [another site with tons of links to grammar sites] [links to sites for specific grammar] [a tremendous variety of grammar cloze drills] [quizzes on phrasalverbs, idioms, and grammar] [a dictionary of phrasal verbs and examples in a sentence] [great cloze drills - practice prepositions]

- Reading and Listening - [basic level read/listen books] [lots of interactive quizzes] [articles are read very slowly and you can read along] [click the link, English learning to access vocabulary and reading exercises] [wonderful resources to help you with your listening and reading comprehension.] [a wonderful site for practicing listening comprehension in two different ways] [a site that will connect you to the media of the world] [a Canadian TV magazine on-line, listening] [radio and TV clips to help with listening comprehension] [iBT science listenings and readings; don’t forget the archives] [a great site for listening to a variety of genres spoken in a British accent] [has iBT listenings and readings] [has iBT listenings and readings] [a TV magazine like Wfive for listening] [an excellent site for reading and listening on iBT topics]

Vocabulary building [a quiz of almost 1500 vocabulary words] [more reading/vocabulary practice based on news broadcasts] [some links for TOEFL quizzes] [TOEFL vocabulary exercises including prefixes, suffixes, and roots] [lots of resources including the top 3000 English words] [more resources and another list of vocabulary] [a variety of vocabulary quizzes] [120 vocabulary quizzes] [exercises which allow you to practice your knowledge of word parts]

- Spelling and phonics - [a good site to help your spelling] [spelling exercises] [practice your vowel sounds] [links to various sites to help with phonics]

- Studying skills - [how to be a better student] [as the name says, practice on retired test items] [explanations on various grammar points]

- Writing resources - [professional writing: resumes, applications, business letters] [business writing] [business writing] [site with lots of links to business writing] [academic writing] [scientific writing] [engineering writing] [engineering writing]

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