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The 20 best Christmas ESL links on the Web!

treexmasMerry Christmas ESL teachers and students. In the Spirit of Giving, we have found the 20 best ESL learning links on the internet.  We hope you enjoy, and learn lots of Christmas ESL Vocabulary.

1. Christmas Vocabulary –

2. Dozens great ESL Santa ideas for keeping your little elves busy plus 101 Questions for Santa!

3. For the more advanced ESL learner a non-traditional Christmas story rich in history, vocabulary and feeling, “The Shepherd” will have your students on the edge of their seats.

4. Teach your older ESL elves all about the traditions and history of Christmas with this great introductory video.

Christmas – Vocabulary and Facts–N1V8

5. Find the lyrics for dozens of Christmas songs!

6. A comprehensive dictionary / encyclopedia for all your ESL elves!

7. Classic Christmas movie for adult ESL learners. Full of seasonal vocabulary and a great story to boot!

8. Dozens of games, songs and printable activities to keep all the little ones busy by a roaring fire! 8. More Christmas PDF lessons than you can shake a candy cane at.

9. More fun Christmas activties than Santa has gifts!

10. Merry Christmas Mr. Bean! The perfect Christmas ESL video for the final day of classes. Great for explaining holiday themes and traditions.

11. Dozens and dozens of UK-based Christmas stories.

12. Great Christmas listening activities for ESL learners from beginner to advanced.

13. Simple printable template for your little elves to write a letter to Santa.

14. Amazing wealth of Christmas lesson plans covering all the subjects. Great idea for a multi-disciplinary units!

15. Fantastic Christmas themed unit ideas for all your little reindeer!

16. A fun idea to get your ESL classroom looking like a real gingerbread house. Plenty of neat vocabulary opportunities here!

17. Your young ESL students will absolutley love making this Christmas treat (and eating it too!)

18. Christmas, Christmas and more Christmas! All kinds of fun seasonal activities for your classroom!

19. Huge variety of flashcards to reinforce that Christmas vocablary! 20. Christmas games that will have all your little ones laughing out loud. Great opportunities to focus on vocabulary building and action verbs.