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The Easter Bunnies

Read the poem and act out the actions

The grass was green – The sky was blue

The birds did sing – Butterflies all flew.

The sun was sunny – The rain did not drop

Awake the Easter Bunnies – Named Hippity and Hop.

The Easter Bunnies? – Yes, it is true

You may think it is funny – There’s not just one, there are two!

Hippity was brown – With a big cotton tail

His bright blue eyes were round – And he lead the trail.

His legs were strong – So he could really go

And his ears were long – And moved to and fro.

Hop was so fluffy – His hair, solid white

His short ears were puffy – His pink nosed twitched left and right.

He would follow his brother – Down the trail they would go

Playing games with each other – Like jump high and jump low.

When Easter time would come – There would be no time to stop

Get ready for fun – Get ready Hippity and Hop!

Hippity would make – Great marshmallow treats

While Hop would bake – Candy eggs to eat.

And of course there was chocolate – Placed in the baskets, on top

“We’re getting ready still yet” – “Ready!” said Hippity and Hop.

Then on Easter Day – All the children so kind

Go searching away – For Easter treats to find.

And if you look really hard – The Easter Bunnies may stop

And wave to you from your yard – It’s Hippity and Hop!