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Valentine`s Day, White Day and Black Day! Huh?

Valentines ESL English

Valentine`s Day, White Day and Black Day! Huh?

Valentine`s Day. Just another holiday where the guy must spend his hard earned cash to show his significant other how much he cares about her right? Flowers, chocolate, dinner and a movie; that is an expensive day!

Well guys, if you are wondering where our special day is, look no further than South Korea! Koreans celebrate Valentine`s Day opposite to the rest of the world. On February 14th, the woman must buy her significant other chocolates. Nice! It is also common for the woman to hand make chocolates for her boyfriend or husband.

Now don’t worry ladies, of course the women get their own special day one month later on March 14th! This day is called White Day. On this day the guy must buy the girl candy. Of course chivalry is not lost and this day usually includes dinner and other gifts along with the candy.

So the guy has his day and the girl has her day, so what about all those people who are single? Well, those lucky people have Black Day on April 14th. Don’t think that this is some sort of special day; it is actually a day that some people dread. On this day, if you are single, you should eat some special black noodles.  Of course not everyone follows this tradition, and the noodles actually do not have a bad taste, but even students in middle school do not enjoy being single on this day!

Post Credit: Mitch Benvie